12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne

12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne


Spending a weekend on a picnic with friends or family is a great idea. The article 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne will introduce you to the top places in Melbourne to have a picnic.

1. The Abbotsford Convent

You can feel the ancient beauty as soon as you step into the grounds and look up at the traditional Spiers of Abbotsford Abbey. The complex began to take shape in the late 1800s and also served as a commercial laundry, orphanage, and aged care facility.

The Abbotsford Convent

Today, it is a venue for artists, producers, community broadcasters, and teachers. It’s also a beautiful place to relax with a picnic in the park. If you forget to bring food for your picnic, stop by the Bakery Abbey for more bread, pies, and cakes. This is also the first of 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne.

2. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

If you’re looking for a space to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without going too far, then the Royal Botanic Gardens is just where you need to be. The large lawns are perfect for picnicking, whether you want to enjoy relaxing in the sun or under a tree.

One of the favorites is Dog Flat, which overlooks the azure lake. If you don’t bring lunch, you can also order food from the Terrace cafe. The unique feature of this park is that there is a lot of space for carpeting in the garden.

3. Treasury Gardens

Head to the stunning Treasury Gardens amid Melbourne’s bustling city scene for a fresh start to the urban lifestyle. You will feel sandwiched next to Spring Street, quiet Fitzroy Park, and even Parliament station.

Treasury Gardens

This is a great picnic spot and there are plenty of green areas to start your picnic. However, be careful if your day trip slips into the night, as this place is known for its strict regulations.

4. Footscray Park

Footscray Park is the finest example of an Edwardian public garden in Victoria. First designed in 1911, the park was built between 1916 and 1964. Besides that, there are many gardens along with barbecue spaces, exercise areas, playgrounds, and areas. for cats and dogs.

Footscray Park

It is right next door on the Maribyrnong River and offers views of the city skyline and Flemington Racecourse. For a walk in the park follow the Maribyrnong River trail towards the Footscray Community Arts Centre. This is the next in 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne.

5. Yarraville Gardens

Large green lawns, public restrooms, playgrounds, and picnic tables make Yarraville Gardens an ideal spot for a family picnic in the hinterland. The park is also a great choice if your family has pets as it has a pet area.

Yarraville Gardens

You can also reach the park without a car as it is only a ten-minute walk from Yarraville Station. If traveling from the station, stop at Yarraville’s Ballarat Street shopping district for takeout snacks.

6. Edinburgh Gardens

Edinburgh Gardens is second only to Fitzroy Pool in the number of people participating in picnics here. It’s a tree-lined wonderland, with bike paths with public restrooms, a free skate park, and a free ping pong area.

Edinburgh Gardens

In addition, Edinburgh Gardens also has a rotunda, which is very convenient if you do not know the way. This is the next in 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne.

7. St Kilda Botanical

St Kilda Botanical is known as a giant chess board with 150 years of history. In addition to the longevity of this site, the ancient buildings will al, so be a factor that attracts people to explore this place.

St Kilda Botanical

Also, the gray flying foxes and the long and wide acres are suitable for picnics. You can bring your dog and if the weather in Melburnian is not good there are plenty of shelters.

8. Rippon Lea House and Gardens

Rippon Lea House and Gardens is a fun spot for a picnic and is located in 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne. The grounds here are listed as cultural heritage and have a large mansion in the middle as well as stables and a lake with houseboats.

Rippon Lea House and Gardens

Rippon Lea also rents out croquet sets for a fun party fit for your family. The cost to participate here is $9 for kids and $15 for adults. You can’t grill or drink, but it’s still one of the best lawns Melbourne has to offer.

9. Queen Park

If you enjoy picnicking next to a lake then Queens Park at Moonee Ponds is a beautiful green spot in Melbourne’s northwest. Includes a large lake and fountain. There are also tables scattered throughout the park that come with lots of large shady trees.

Queen Park

However, keep in mind that many trees will have dirt or patchy grass underneath, so you must have a pic50-meter if you choose this location to picnic. There is also a 5Airdrier swimming pool where people can swim in the summer.

10. Ardrie Park

Ardrie Park also known as the green jewel always boasts stunning views of Melbourne. In addition to the idea of having a picnic with friends or family, this is also a great place to make a beautiful wedding photo shoot.

Ardrie Park

A long tree-lined avenue and Japanese gardens make it easy to find a quiet spot if you want to relax. Maybe many people do not know that this is the place that is said to be the most beautiful park in Melbourne. This is the next in 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne.

11. Jawbone Reserve

Jawbone Reserve

Jawbone Reserve is a beautiful combination of wetlands and parks for picnicking. The site has a children’s playground and plenty of flat grass to lounge on. The area is known for its diverse birdlife, so it’s a great picnic spot for animal lovers. If you want to go for a walk after a picnic, Williamstown Beach is also nearby.

12. Studley Park Boathouse

Studley Park Boathouse

Enjoying a boat trip is also a fun experience that you can try on the weekend. This location is also located in 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne.

The community-built pool was closed in the ’60s and filled with silt, but in this quiet, bushy spot of the river, you’ll find a small, partially excavated monument and a clearing beneath the sweet oaks. Further, the park is suitable for barbecues for your family.

Hope the article 12 Funniest Picnic Locations In Melbourne will provide useful information for you.

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