How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic

How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic


You are preparing for a picnic but do not know how to keep the food warm. Hot food and delicious and cool drinks are always indispensable in picnics and picnics. Try applying the tips that we share in this How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic article.

The ways to preserve food when going on a picnic you need to know

Treat food before putting it in the bin

When going on a picnic, or camping, we often bring a lot of different foods, which are meat, vegetables, etc. However, don’t be foolish and just put them in the bin. You need to process it to ensure safety and keep food fresh longer.

For meats

To organize a BBQ party on a picnic, fresh meat is indispensable thing. Therefore, knowing how to preserve food when going on a picnic for meat is extremely important. It’s not difficult at all.

With fresh meats such as beef, chicken, and pork after buying, you need to wash them thoroughly, drain and put them inside the bags. One secret to keeping meat fresh for a long time when traveling is to put meat in the freezer to freeze them.

When stacking frozen meats in the bin, place them in the bottom of the bin, then stack the meat you will use first on the top. Besides, to save time you can slice and marinate meat right from home.

At night, when in the forest, there will often be a lot of wildlife and insects, so don’t forget to put the meat in the crate and then put it in a high place to avoid intrusion.

For fresh fruits and vegetables

With meat, preservation is quite simple, but with fresh vegetables, this is not easy. Because vegetables are foods that are easily crushed during transportation. You can apply some ways to preserve food when going on a picnic for vegetables below to keep them fresh longer.

– Pick vegetables clean, and remove all damaged or wilted parts so as not to affect other fresh parts.
– According to food preservation experience when traveling, you absolutely should not wash vegetables before putting them in the bag because the vegetables will be crushed.
– Should arrange vegetables in a separate area, avoid being crushed by other foods.

Avoid leaving food in a place with high temperatures for more than 2 hours

High temperatures are considered one of the main causes of food spoilage. So when going on a picnic, you should not leave food in a hot place for more than 2 hours, especially in the trunk of a car.

Bring two coolers

The next way to preserve food when going on a picnic is to bring two coolers, one for drinks and one for perishable food. This will prevent hot air from entering and damaging the food. This is the next information in How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic.

Do not use meat marinade for other foods

Many people, because of savings, have used marinated meat and fish sauces to marinate other foods. This is completely wrong because it will make your food spoil faster, even harmful to your health.

Tips to preserve picnic food

To keep food and drink fresh, and to ensure food safety, don’t forget some essential tips as well as essential items in How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic.

Heat bag

Often, many of you overlook the role of a thermal bag in preserving and preparing picnic food, forgetting that this is a necessary item to help preserve the necessary freshness and warmth of food for a long time required time.

The food thermal bags are capable of keeping warm, ensuring the freshness of food for a maximum period of 4 hours. So you can rest assured to use the od after long-distance picnics.

Milk bottle bag

For families with young children, carrying thermos bottles is very important. Especially in less comfortable environments, milk will always be stored at the necessary warming temperature, preventing the baby from getting cold.

Use high-grade plastic food containers

When preparing picnic food for individuals or families and people around, you should store them in high-quality plastic boxes to ensure safety and hygiene.

However, care should be taken not to put hot food that has just been prepared in a plastic container because it can cause melting. This is the next information in How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic.

Use newspaper to wrap fruit

When carrying fruit to ensure freshness and cleanliness, you should wash it at home, and avoid peeling first because it may be mushy or black. Especially with apples, wrap them well in newspaper and put them in a box or bag, and take them with you.

Note when preparing food for a picnic with family

With a picnic with your family, you should bring nutritious and energy-rich foods. Knowing the taste of each family member, if your family has few members or only 2 couples, preparing food or drinks also becomes a lot easier.

The menu of dishes to bring should be rich, just enough for a family with enough members such as parents, grandparents, and children. Choose foods that are cool, easy to digest, and not too greasy, dry foods are preferred to avoid dirty lines, especially in outdoor picnic environments without many amenities, accompanied by soup hot …

If you go with your family, in the process of preparing food for a picnic, you can also divide separate portions through a lunch box to suit the taste of each family member.

Choose foods with less water, and not too salty because they can easily cause thirst or loss of energy during the move. Bring enough drinking water and fruit for the whole family when preparing picnic food, for fruits should avoid peeling first to avoid bruising.

When going on a picnic, picnic with the whole family in case family members get motion sickness, you should prepare a small portion of fried and greasy dishes and can bring some food to reduce hangover a car without drugs such as cinnamon, lemon, tangerine, ginger, or bread …

This is the next information in How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic.

Hope the article How To Keep Food Warm For A Picnic will provide useful information for you.

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