How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic

How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. However, choosing outdoor locations does not avoid insects such as bees or ants. How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic will help you figure out how to keep bees out of your picnic.

What you need to know about bees

Bees are highly social insects like ants and termites. Bees live in swarms, each colony has a queen, worker bees, and young bees… and has a clear division of work. Bees have many different species, species raised by humans to exploit products such as honey, beeswax, royal jelly, etc.

Bees often live in swarms, sometimes up to 25,000 – 50,000, in nests in tree hollows, rocks, bushes, forests, or modified crates made by farmers.

Is it dangerous to be stung by a bee?

Normally, bee stings are not dangerous, but if the stings are many or are stung in places such as the head, face, and neck: allergic to bee venom, shocked, or poisoned.. especially the elderly and young.

You should avoid it when encountering bees if stung can be life-threatening. This is the information you need to keep in mind in How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic.

How to prevent bee stings

Avoid bee stings: Avoid unnecessary contact with bees. Do not disturb the beehive, especially children because they are curious and naughty.

Bees often nest in open spaces, on branches of trees or bushes or around houses, and under roofs, so the house should not be left empty to make it easier for bees to nest, regularly clean, and clear the bushes around the house.

When bees fly, you should not run, need to stand or sit still, and do not move (bees will not fly anymore). When going to the forest, or having a picnic should avoid wearing colorful clothes.

Do not use perfumes, shampoos, cosmetics, scents, and sweets that will attract bees. Do not go barefoot, and do not wear clothes that are too loose. Wear a hat with a net, gloves, and thick, tight clothing.

Stay away from areas with a lot of bees to minimize the possibility of contact with bees, especially parents should warn their children not to poke the hive.

– In case, bees fly close, do not run, but stand or sit still, absolutely do not move.

– If you want to drive away the bees, do not poke the hive with sticks or sticks. It is best to use smoke or fire.

– Be careful not to let the trees grow overgrown or leave the house empty. These are favorable environments for bees to nest. Should regularly clean the house and clear the bushes around the house.

– For cases, beekeeping for honey, frequent contact with bees, need to wear protective clothing, and not exposing skin to minimize the risk of bee stings. This is a follow-up to How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic.

– If you have picnics in the forest, you should not wear colorful, too prominent clothes, do not use perfume, or cosmetics, should not go barefoot and do not wear clothes that are too wide. Gloves, hats, and tight-fitting clothes should be worn.

How to get rid of bees from a picnic

Watch out for beehives in the picnic area

One of the reasons that bees attack humans is because they feel they and their nests are threatened. Most practice suggests that if you’re not near the hive, you’re unlikely to be stung unless the bee feels the need to defend itself. If you see a lot of bees in your picnic area, it could mean there is a hive nearby.

Dark corners such as beneath decks and old birdhouses can harbor wasps, and carpenter bees punching holes in bare wood such as unpainted floors and furniture. In that case, call your local pest and pest control professional to get the problem resolved before it becomes a bigger problem for your picnic.

Think carefully about the area with many flowers

Bees have a special taste for flowers, so avoid choosing a picnic spot with plants that are likely to attract bees near your location. You can also move the flowering plants to a deeper part of the yard if possible.

Another note in How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic is that bees also like to seek out places with lots of sweets. Consider keeping your garbage bags tidy because bees are likely to feed on them.

Do not use bee attractants

Avoid wearing clothing with floral prints and body sprays, lotions, or sunscreens that attract bees. However, there are currently no insect sprays or herbal mixtures that can repel bees.

Keep food carefully

Because bees love to eat food and drink, avoid setting out a plate for them to fly to. Besides cutting back on foods that appeal to bees, prepare dishes like potato and fruit salad, saving you the hassle of bringing the dishes out in the first place.

Clean up spills and crumbs from the table and keep your drinks in plastic cups, as aluminum cans are an ideal haven for insects like bees.

Also, How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic would like to remind you that when you are done with your meal, dispose of any waste in sealed containers and make sure they are away from your picnic area.

Don’t beat bees

Remember that bees only attack people when they feel threatened or perceive danger. If by accident your picnic has the appearance of bees. Do not rush to attack them, but find a way to lure them out of the area or just ignore them.

Hope the article How To Keep Bees Away From Picnic will provide useful information for you.

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