6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family

6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family


When you’re having a family picnic, playing fun games is a great way to strengthen relationships and encourage family interaction. If your picnic area is spacious and airy, plan some games for your family. The article 6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family will suggest you some interesting games.

Hula Hoops

This movement game is very suitable for large families to play together. Families can be divided into two teams with a total of about 10 participants. All you need to prepare for this game is 10 rounds of Hula Hoops or one per player.

The goal of this game is to successfully throw the Hula hoop around one of your teammates. The team that successfully throws multiple rounds of Hula Hoops at their teammate first asks the other team to answer their question.

Hula Hoops

Each team member will need to answer the question or participate in the challenging activity that is required.
This game is a fun experience for all ages and an entertaining way to bond with members of a large family.

This is a great exercise and always makes for a good time after a picnic. This is also the first game in 6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family.

Family quizzes

This fun game is a twist on the classic red and green lights. You need to prepare 3-5 quiz cards for the family or each participant before starting the picnic.

A person needs to act as a traffic light, recognize the red or green light to move. Other participants will stand facing the traffic light and move at the signal of the traffic light.

The person who makes the traffic light when the signal is green and the other players try to tag the traffic light. Whoever tags a traffic light must first pay the correct one family quiz card chosen by the traffic light to enter the location.

If they fail to do so, they must take three steps back and the game continues. This game is also suitable for children of all ages, which can be played in large or small groups.

It trains listening skills and rules compliance. It also burns a lot of energy so it is suitable for families who are looking for 6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family.

Let’s play dice together

For this game, you need to prepare 2 dice and some big bags of marshmallows. The object of the game is to roll a matching set of dice. If you fail to toss a matching pair, you will have to eat a candy.

Whoever eats the most candy will be the loser. The most interesting part of the game is that you don’t feel the taste of marshmallows. This is a game for kids of all ages.

If you play with young children, let them join the adults. This is also an interesting game in 6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family.

Move the glass of water

To play this game, you will need to prepare plastic cups for each player. Several water pitchers or faucets, a large bucket for each team, and a blindfold for each player.

You can play this game in small groups of up to eight people, but it’s more fun to play with larger groups. First you need to divide the teams evenly and designate two captains who will be stationed at the large buckets of water.

Then give the others a full glass of water and a blindfold. The object of the game is for teammates to blindfold and walk towards their team’s captain without spilling any glasses of water along the way and emptying all glasses of water into their team’s bucket.

The team with the most moves wins. The game can be played by children and adults of all ages, to make the game progressively more difficult you can ask your blindfolded teammates to carry water with one hand, mouth or just with their arms.

Small children can play without a blindfold but can engage in a more challenging activity such as jumping on one foot, skipping or walking backwards towards their captain.

Game “big rain or little rain”

If you are looking for the most unique family picnic game, don’t miss the game “big rain or little rain”.
With this game you will need 1 commander and the other members will line up at the bottom.

Also need 1-2 outside observers. When the commander shouts Heavy Rain, everyone will raise their hands and clap loudly. On the contrary, when chanting Little Rain, clap your hands down and only clap. If it doesn’t rain, put your hands in front of you.

All members must react quickly, whoever is wrong or slow will be fouled. Those who are wrong will be punished such as jumping, running around… This is also an interesting game in 6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family.

Blindfolded guessing objects

Besides organizing outdoor group games, you can also refer to games that can be played right in the space of the tent. One of them is the blindfolded object guessing game.

The members will be divided into 2 teams. One team will give a random object and ask team 2 to guess the object. Teams will have 1 member in turn blindfolded and cannot see the item.

The other members of the group must describe so that the blindfolded person can guess (do not say words containing object names or synonyms).

Within the given time period, the team with the most correct answers will be the winner.

Hopefully the article 6 Interesting Games For Picnic With Family will provide you with useful information.

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