Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles

Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles


Summer travel in Los Angeles instead of choosing to have fun at the beaches and amusement parks, you can replace it with a picnic. Because this city has quite a lot of green parks, large outdoor picnic areas, where you can have fun and relax. Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles will give you more suggestions for your upcoming travel plans.

1. Grand Park

Grand Park is a little oasis in the middle of Los Angeles. This location is recommended as a great summer picnic location. Grand Park is built on a relatively large area that is divided into four distinct areas: the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, a lawn area, a community entertainment playground, and a stage area for large events.

Grand Park

Visitors must purchase tickets to enter Grand Park and can purchase additional food, drinks, towels, and other items at the park gate area. A picnic area right next to the river is extremely cool and pleasant.

If you are fortunate enough to visit during the summer weekends, you will also have the opportunity to see many of the most unique and exciting musical performances.

2. Historic Park

Historic Park, which opened in 1997, is a popular sightseeing and picnic spot in Los Angeles. This park is quite large and pet-friendly, especially for dogs. You can picnic, jog, ride a bike, fly a kite, and so on here.

The most unique experience is admiring the most unique works of art. This location is divided into three sections: traditional, urban architecture, and wildlife. When you visit Historic Park, you will learn a lot about the natural world and architecture.

A picnic here will also provide you with an impressive green space and multicolored vegetation. This park is also a popular location for the city’s popular events. This is also an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the most exciting and fun environment.

3. Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake first opened its doors in June 2013. This location features a number of outstanding works, including a natural lake, a walking path, a traditional fountain, and a large area for activities. Picnic entertainment.

Echo Park Lake

This location has wooden picnic tables and chairs right in the picnic area, allowing you to plan your day perfectly. You can let the kids have fun at the adjacent entertainment area, which has games like soccer and cycling.

A lake, basketball, tennis, and baseball fields are also available. Echo Park Lake also offers bicycle, pedal boat, kayak, and guide rentals. Choosing a picnic here will allow you to participate in many exciting activities and recall the most memorable emotions. This is the next location in the Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles.

4. Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Art Park, located atop Olive Hill, is a well-known historic and art park in Los Angeles. This location is built on a small area but has many impressive spaces for your picnic ideas. Barnsdall Art Park was designed for art, entertainment, historic architecture, and attractions.

Picnic here will allow you to see the bustling city of Los Angeles and relax in a variety of ways such as walking, cycling, BBQ party, and so on. This will undoubtedly be a picnic location for you for the foreseeable future. Summer to remember.

5. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a large park in Los Angeles that was built in 1912. This park has a total area of 1,740 hectares and is known for its natural beauty. Griffith Park is known for its Greek theater, as well as its diverse ecosystem, which includes both flora and fauna.

The green lawn under many lush trees, in particular, is an ideal area for picnicking. You are welcome to bring your own food and water. To avoid being fined, however, it is necessary to maintain hygiene and protect the environment here!

6. Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a large area in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills neighborhood. This is one of America’s top ten music venues. There is also a new outdoor picnic area that you can try out. There are plenty of family-friendly seating options facing the stage.

Hollywood Bowl

You can select your seats based on the number of people in your party. You can bring food and drinks and entertain your family right at your seat. Music shows are frequently held on the big stage at the Hollywood Bowl.

Visitors can eat cake and drink water while watching these interesting programs. This is a new type of picnic that you can enjoy when visiting Los Angeles. This is the next location in the Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles.

7. Pan Pacific Park

Pan Pacific Park, which opened in 1989, is a large park that is an ideal venue for major city events. Picnic tables and barbecue areas are located along a winding asphalt road in the park’s center. You can enjoy yourself on the nearby lawn and plan your picnic at the dining table and grill.

Pan Pacific Park also has a vibrant sports area with activities such as basketball, baseball, and an outdoor gym. Renee’s Place, an entertainment area, is located on the north side, near the entrance.

Pan Pacific Park is open seven days a week and is completely free of charge. As a result, this is an excellent picnic location in Los Angeles.

8. Polliwog Park

Polliwog Park is at the intersection of Redondo Avenue and Manhattan Beach Avenue. This location has a relatively large total area, with features such as a zoo, theater, picnic area, and food restaurant.

Polliwog Park

More than 15 dining tables are set up in the picnic area, 8 of which must be reserved at least 2 hours in advance. The picnic area here is open from 8 a.m. to late at night and welcomes all visitors.

You can plan your picnic with your family in the most relaxed setting possible. Furthermore, there is an entertainment area for young children where your children can have fun and relax.

Nearby attractions include the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, the City History Museum, a 9-hole golf course, Polliwog Park, and others. This is the next location in the Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles.

9. Brookside Park

Brookside Park is the largest park in Los Angeles, covering 64 square kilometers and located about 80 kilometers from downtown. This location has a picnic table and an on-site grill, and the green campus is quite large and extremely cool. If you decide to have a picnic here, you will be pleased with your choice.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in additional sports such as tennis, badminton, handball, and a children’s play area. Brookside Park has a capacity of over 4000 people and is divided into two picnic areas, Hidden Gem and Pasadena.

Furthermore, this is the location where popular city events are regularly held, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. This is the next location in the Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles.

10. Getty Center

This is a well-known destination, with 1.3 million visitors each year. The Getty Center houses the world’s most famous masterpieces of art and architecture. This place is built on 134 km2, has a natural ravine, and plenty of shady trees, and is ideal for weekends.

Getty Center

This location also has picnic tables prominently placed on the lawns, making it ideal for organizing outdoor parties. You can also participate in sports such as walking, cycling, badminton, and volleyball. This is an excellent location for your picnic plans in Los Angeles.


Summer picnic is a great idea in the city of Los Angeles. You will definitely have impressive and unforgettable memories with your loved ones at this place. Besides, you will also be able to explore many famous tourist attractions, amusement parks, dining spots, etc. Hopefully the article Top 10 Picnic Spots In Los Angeles will provide useful information for you.

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