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Seattle, dubbed the “jewel” of the United States, brings travelers from all over the globe to tears with the majesty of its majestic landscape, towering architecture, and distinctive cuisine. Let’s discover with Tippicnic the best picnic spots in seattle 2023 that you should not miss below to get the most comprehensive journey!

1. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park. BEST PICNIC SPOTS IN SEATTLE 2023
Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is the first on the list of Seattle’s top ten scenic locations. Visitors will find a varied and distinctive natural environment here. Up to 3500 km2 of Olympic National Park are covered by a diversity of plants and animals. The Pacific Ocean, the Olympic Mountain, and the Rain Forest make up the three main zones of this garden, which is situated on the Olympic Peninsula. It was designated a global cultural heritage in 1981.

Seattle’s Olympic National Park is a popular tourist attraction.

Visitors will have a fascinating experience when they visit this national park and may see its gorgeous beauty with their own eyes. Because of the fresh and calm climate, as well as the passionate aroma of melaleuca, the temperate forest located along the slopes of the iceberg is the most popular destination for travelers. Furthermore, the lush forest sections with heights of up to 60 – 70m make visitors feel as if they are lost in a fictional giant’s home.

Furthermore, Olympic National Park is an excellent location for travelers to conduct exciting outdoor activities like as mountain climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, and so on. This is the finest spot to stay if you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the city for a while.

Therefore, this location must be included in the list of the top picnic areas in Seattle.

2. Kerry Park

Kerry Park.

Kerry Park is ideal for individuals who enjoy admiring and photographing the breathtaking views of Seattle and the surrounding area.

This park is situated on Queen Anne Hill, approximately 15 minutes from downtown Seattle. It is quite quiet, with historic houses, fresh air, is cool, and is ideal for an afternoon stroll. Kerry Park is a great area to gaze and photograph Seattle’s stunning vistas.

Visitors will be able to see both sides of the sea as well as the gorgeous Rainer range with its spectacular white snow from this park. Every day, hundreds of people, both visitors and photographers, flock here to snap the cityscape and the glittering Space Needle, which changes color in the sky.

Visitors also do not hurry out when the sun has set. When the lights are switched on, the city is at its most magnificent at night. When you visit this park, they will be your most unforgettable moments.

3. National Park of Mount Rainier

National Park of Mount Rainier. BEST PICNIC SPOTS IN SEATTLE 2023
National Park of Mount Rainier.

This is also one of Seattle’s biggest national parks, which attracts a considerable number of American tourists. It is well-known for its spectacular views of the metropolitan skyline.

The beautiful Rainer Mountains have an elevation of almost 4,400 meters and a snow-covered top. This mountain range is also the region’s primary supply of water, with a network of 25 major and minor glaciers and massive ski fields that melt in the spring.

This is also one of the best picnic spots in Seattle 2023.

The park as a whole covers around 616 square kilometers.Visitors will appreciate the scenery of mountains, woods, streams, and spectacular waterfalls. This park is also suitable for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, exploring, and so on, as well as adventure games such as skiing, climbing, canyoning, and so on.

4. Seattle Center Fountain

Seattle Center Fountain. BEST PICNIC SPOTS IN SEATTLE 2023
Seattle Center Fountain.

The Seattle Center fountain is one of the most magnificent views in Seattle that you must see. The most striking feature of this establishment is its unusual design. In the documents we frequently encounter, this fountain is designed like an unexplained extraterrestrial flying craft. The water spray presentations, in particular, coupled with music and light, create spectacular sceneries that draw a significant number of people.

Furthermore, this location serves as a venue for famous music events with many notable performers from across the world. Traveling to Seattle and visiting this area on special occasions will allow you to drink up the vibrant music environment and witness your favorite idols up close and personal.

The justifications given above show why Center Fountain deserves to be on this list of best picnic spots in Seattle

5. Green Lake

Green Lake.

Green Lake is well-known for its natural beauty and crystal blue waters. Tens of thousands of people arrive each year and leave a lasting impact. When the lake freezes, visitors will be able to enjoy the sensation of skating on the lake’s surface or punching tiny holes for fishing. The fish caught will contribute to a little party during your picnics and camping trips.

Green Lake is well-known for its beautiful surroundings and pure water.

The lake’s water level doubles and becomes crystal clear, especially once the ice has melted. This is an excellent time for travelers to visit. Visitors will be able to uncover fascinating and interesting objects in the frozen lake bottom with the use of specialist diving equipment. The sun’s rays reflect off the beautiful blue lake, producing sparkling hues. Remember to bring your camera to record these great moments.

So, this location must be included on any list of the best picnic spots in Seattle.

6. Brainbridge Island

Brainbridge Island. BEST PICNIC SPOTS IN SEATTLE 2023
Brainbridge Island.

Locals and tourists to Seattle will enjoy this relaxing spot. Brainbridge Island’s environment is extraordinarily diversified, with numerous uncommon species of flora and wildlife found nowhere else in the world. The lush, green foliage combined with the fresh, cold environment makes it ideal for outdoor fun and leisure activities such as camping and picnics.
For tourists to Seattle, this is an excellent area to visit and unwind.

Brainbridge Island also offers magnificent mountains. This is the best climbing location for individuals who enjoy extreme activities. Visitors will also be able to explore the spectacular coral reefs beneath the water in specialized diving suits under the supervision of expert divers.

The reasons stated above demonstrate why Bainbridge Island deserves to be included on this list of best picnic spots in seattle

Hopefully, the sharing of the best picnic spots in seattle 2023 above will provide you with additional relevant information to help you plan your trip to this wonderful city more thoroughly. I hope your trip is both safe and enjoyable.

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