8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography

8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography


After a tiring working day, a picnic with family and friends will help you relieve stress, and create an opportunity to have fun, and bond with everyone. So that you can capture the meaningful moments of your trip, we suggest you 8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography.

Find the perfect picnic spot

There are many places that you can choose for your family and friends’ picnic. Usually, locations such as forests, lakeside, beaches, parks, etc. It would be an ideal place for a picnic.

When choosing a location, make sure that the picnic location is suitable for the needs and purposes of the picnic photography you intend to take. In addition, instead of going far, you can also organize a picnic-style photo session in your garden or with your friends.

Choosing a picnic spot is also the first tip in 8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography. You can look for some places with a suitable setting for a picnic such as a cool, spacious space with lots of lawns or lovely flower fields.

In particular, an extremely useful tip that should be applied when choosing a picnic location is to prioritize the corners under the trees. The reason is to both provide a certain amount of coolness and not be too sunny to avoid the light of our photos being harsh.

Observe the surroundings

When choosing a location, you should also pay attention to the surrounding scenery to have a beautiful picnic photo. Although the location you choose may be perfect, if there are a few trash cans or unwanted objects and scenes in the photo, the photo will hardly be perfect. Choose a scene with a backdrop that makes your picnic photos stand out.

Choose the time to take pictures

Picnic photography takes place outdoors, so you can take advantage of natural light to take pictures. But you need to choose the right time to get the best light for a successful photo session. You should avoid choosing noon or bright sunny days as they can create shadows and subject the subject may be squinted in the photos.

The best time to take pictures outdoors is during the golden hour because of the time around sunrise and sunset. The light taken at this time will be very soft, soft, and suitable for picnic photography. This is also the next tip in 8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography.

The weather in summer is usually very hot, the sun rises early. Therefore, the best time to take pictures is before 7-10 am and 3-5 pm. At this point, the light is quite soft, so it will make the photo softer without using effects.

Especially, then, the sun is not too harsh. This helps you relax in the sun without worrying about glare. Besides, you can also take picnic photos at sunset. At that time, the sun was gradually setting and the color was beautiful.

It will help you have a set of photos with depth and super deep, capturing every moment. You don’t need to use an app or any effects to capture excellent photos.

Choose the right outfit for the picnic

Whether you are taking a family picnic photo or taking a picnic photo for an engagement photo, the choice of outfit also plays a big part in the success of the shoot and you will have a beautiful photo. The same clothes or similar colors will make the photo more attractive and interesting.

Besides choosing the right outfit for yourself, you also need to make sure that your outfit is suitable for the weather conditions and the surrounding environment. Simplicity, style, and comfort are the top criteria when choosing picnic clothes.

With picnics or picnics with family, the trip is very meaningful, and enjoys life to the fullest. Of course, such a trip is also a time to cultivate family happiness. Or save memories of other family moments together. Therefore, many families choose family uniforms to enhance the beauty of those trips.

Use props to highlight the photo

Props are very important to help you create an outstanding picnic photo. Use and get creative with different objects to enhance the beauty of your photos. A picnic basket with snacks and drinks is essential for the picnic image.

You can also add a picnic blanket, lantern, and colorful paper ornaments when decorating for a photo shoot. This is also the next tip in 8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography.

When photographing a picnic, most people often choose cool, green lawns, so the accompanying accessories should also stand out will be an important factor for you to have a great photo.

You should choose a snack picnic such as buying a cloth to spread on the grass. Prepare some sweets, or snacks placed in small baskets and colorful fruit can also be used when taking pictures.

In addition, the accessories that come with your outfit are also essential, you should choose a hat, straw basket, head scarf, and some flowers to hold when shooting. Or simply bracelets, or earrings that match the outfit.

Pose comfortably for a picnic photo

To get a beautiful picnic photo, in addition to using the necessary props, the posing of the subject is also a concern. Before taking a photo, get family members comfortable with the camera.

People can have fun, play the games they like, and start taking pictures when they feel comfortable. Once everyone has relaxed a bit, you can direct them into the pose you want. So you will have the most beautiful and natural picnic photo.

Take a close-up photo of the details

Besides taking pictures of people at the picnic, you can take detailed photos of the food, decoration, or surroundings. Taking close-up photos of details will add interest to the image, bringing richness to the picnic photo album.

Group picnic photoshoot

If you’re having a group picnic, you can take group photos that include everyone in the photo and try out different poses. Group photos are great for showing a connection, intimacy, and attachment among group members. This is also the final tip of 8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography.

Hopefully, the article 8 Useful Tips For Picnic Photography will provide you with useful information. Wish you have a great picnic with the best photos.


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