Top best extreme sports travel insurance companies


Top best extreme sports travel insurance companies by No matter what type of sports activities you want to partake in while on vacation, it is imperative that you have the proper travel insurance coverage. It will take a bit more work to locate a plan that suits you if you’re seeking for more specialized coverage that includes extreme sports, as most conventional travel insurance policies often do not cover these activities. 

Extreme sports travel insurance

Extreme sports enthusiasts who enjoy participating in high-intensity athletic events while on vacation will find extreme sports travel insurance to be the ideal coverage. If you want to go skydiving or rock climbing, your standard travel insurance may only cover low-risk activities; therefore, you’ll likely require additional protection.

Numerous activities fall under the category of “extreme”. Depending on how they evaluate the risk, insurance carriers have varied perspectives on whether sports should be categorized as severe.

It’s crucial to be sure that the extreme sports travel insurance packages you evaluate cover the sports you’ll be participating in while away. In this manner, you may take an active vacation knowing that you’ll be protected if your experiences don’t go as planned.

Extreme sports travel insurance
Extreme sports travel insurance

Why is extreme sports travel insurance important?

Be protected against certain hazards and unnecessary medical costs

Even if you have been engaging in a certain extreme sport for a long time, you shouldn’t take it for granted, and it is still safer to be insured against any eventualities. This is especially true while engaging in extreme sports travel insurance.

If you’re planning to go scuba diving, hiking, or skydiving, making sure you have enough emergency medical evacuation coverage is especially crucial because these activities are typically not located near any respectable medical facilities, and you’ll likely need to get emergency medical evacuation if anything happens.

Take advantage of a more customized travel insurance coverage.

A plan that is customized to the particular requirements of your travel endeavors can assist provide full coverage for your trip, expedite claims as needed, and save time. 

Additionally, you must confirm that the sport in which you are participating is covered by Personal Accident or Personal Liability. If you suffer a serious injury while engaging in an extreme sport that is not covered by Personal Accident or Personal Liability, your extreme sports travel insurance will not pay for the associated medical expenses. 

For instance, Singlife’s extreme sports travel insurance policy states that as long as you participate in a variety of recreational activities, you will be automatically insured. It includes surfing, jet skiing, and go-karting. Along with wind-surfing and water skiing, these three sports do not have personal accident coverage, but they do have personal liability coverage, which means any third-party property or person damage is covered up to $250,000 for these three sports.

Take advantage of a more customized travel insurance coverage.
Take advantage of a more customized travel insurance coverage.

Coverage of the essential equipment for extreme sports

You should be aware of the scope of your extreme sports travel insurance coverage whether you are renting or bringing your own athletic gear. It would undoubtedly be better to purchase in a plan that will ensure you don’t lose out if your equipment happens to be stolen or destroyed if your extreme sports equipment costs several hundred dollars or more.

The best Travel Insurances for Extreme Sports companies

In order to assist you in selecting the finest extreme sports travel insurance for adventures and extreme sports, I have compiled a list of the top policies below.


Similar to WorldNomads in many ways, SafetyWing is a brand-new travel insurance company that prioritizes protecting tourists who participate in various sports.

They are partners of the previously mentioned HCC, and LLOYD’s underwrites them. In other words, it’s a reputable business.

Additionally, SafetyWing protects people from all around the world, just like the other insurances stated above!!

They excel in having a detailed list of all the extreme sports travel insurance they cover on their website. 

IMG Global

Another well-known business founded in 1990 is IMG Global.

They provide a variety of plans, including as insurance for expats (foreigners who reside abroad) and exchange student insurance alternatives.

The Patriot Travel Medical Insurance from IMG Global, which is available for travels lasting up to 12 months and as little as 5 days, is the ideal international insurance for adventurous travel.

The coverage maximum under this plan is $2 million USD. However, the limit is significantly lower for the particular coverage for incidents involving adventure sports.

The plan does, however, have promise because it includes extras like bungee jumping and skydiving that are not included in World Nomads’ Standard Plan (although they are in World Nomads’ Explorer Plan). So if you want to engage in these activities while on your trip, IMG may be a nice choice.

IMG Global
IMG Global

HCC Medical Insurance

A well-known insurance provider, Tokyo Marine, acquired the American insurance firm HCC Medical Insurance in 2015.

HCC offers specialist travel insurance solutions with coverage for anything from leisure travel to missionary travel to exchange student programs, which is one of the most intriguing contrasts.

The insurance is provided in association with Atlas Travel and has a 2 million USD maximum level of protection.

HCC provides the Atlas International and Atlas International Premium travel insurance products.

The first plan (which is less expensive) has a maximum coverage limit of $1 million USD, while the second plan has a maximum coverage limit of $2 million USD.

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